This week on the Gun Nuts TV show, Eddie visits the Smith & Wesson shooting center, a place of many wonders where I received my first and only handgun shooting lesson last September prior to going hunting with a .357 Magnum.

As Eddie does in the video, I started with rimfires and worked my way up to a big gun, in my case the .460 S&W. The .460’s recoil is manageable, but its muzzle blast (for me) was not.

I realize any time you shoot any gun you are touching off an explosion, but the noise, concussion and fireball emanating from the .460 made me feel as if I was setting off a bomb, not a gun, when I pulled the trigger. So, I worked my way back down to the .357 and took it hunting.

There is also a gift shop at the shooting sports center and, since my older son accompanied me to the range, my younger son got the sweat shirt seen here, which I think is one of the finest ever, although I am pretty sure he would be sent home if he tried to wear it to school.