_by David E. Petz_al

It has come to my attention that some of you have not been able to buy a new Aston-Martin this year and have to stick with the 2010 model. This means you’re probably looking for things that are affordable, as opposed to what I usually write about. Here are two such:


The Cold Steel Bolo Machete. This is one of six models that the company offers, and is my favorite. It’s patterned after the bolo knife which is much loved in the Pacific Rim countries. The 16 ½-inch blade is made of 1055 tool steel, and swells at the tip, giving the knife a weight-forward balance. Weighing just an ounce over a pound, the Bolo Machete comes with a decent, but not frightening edge. A dozen passes through a Work Sharp sharpener will change that pretty damned quick, however.
The handle is polypropylene, and the blade has a rustproof coating which will not last indefinitely. Wipe the blade down with an oily rag after you use it. This is one of the handiest tools of which I know; it can cut down, or through, just about anything. The price, with a good nylon sheath, is $25.


The Primos GunHunter’s Vest. I got this at Cabela’s in East Hartford, CT. It’s light, tough, quiet, can be used by a left-hand shooter as well as right-handers, and comes in sizes all the way up to 3XL. But what I really like are the pockets. There are nine of them outside, a couple more on the inside, two huge ones on the inside, and a big bellows pocket in back.

Whoever designed them has actually hunted. They are of the right size and shape, and you will not lose your s**t out of them, and you can get at them even with gloves. Unless you’re truly a gear pervert, you can do without a pack if you have a GunHunter’s Vest.

The GunHunter’s Vest is not in the Cabela’s catalog as far as I can tell, but it is online, and the price is $60-$65, depending on size.