Turkey Hunting photo

Here’s your chance to play Dear Abby because this letter, which ran on November 5, 2011, lands squarely in the Gun Nut wheelhouse. My first thought was that “Ambushed in Minnesota” makes the short list for Best Girlfriend Ever, unlike Gwen (“Run turkey, run!”) the subject of another classic “Dear Abby.”

_Dear Abby: Because I love the outdoors, I volunteered to prepare my boyfriend’s duck boat for the hunting season. I sanded, primed and detailed the boat and painted cattails on the sides. I bought seats, hardware, even made a full camouflage duck blind on my sewing machine. My boyfriend is elated and even more excited that I intend to hunt with him. His buddy is not. He has backed out of the hunting trips and refuses to talk to me about the issue.

Should I tell my boyfriend I have changed my mind and save their friendship, or go with him and reward myself for all my hard work?_
Ambushed in Minnesota

Dear Ambushed: Do not back out. The person your boyfriend’s buddy should be talking to isn’t you, it’s your boyfriend. His behavior is selfish and childish. A compromise might be in order, but it won’t happen unless “the boys” arrange it between themselves. So stay out of the line of fire._

Who do you side with? The girlfriend or the hunting partner? Or do have beginning duck hunting tips to share? Let’s hear your response to “Ambushed in Minnesota.”