OK, I admit, I didn’t watch the Grammy Awards. Never do, and probably never will. But, if I had, I probably would have noticed this…um…outfit.

Apparently this singer, Sasha Gradiva, is Russia’s answer to Lady Gaga and this bizarre amalgamation of firearms that looks like something out of an Iron Man comic is a statement. What’s it saying?

According to the stylist who designed it: “The concept behind the weapon accessory was to take ALL the weapons and firearms of the world and use them for artistic purposes only. Not for killing. Make couture–not war.”

That’s sweet. So did the “accessory” accomplish its goal of summing up the world’s firearms?

Here’s a little Friday challenge for you. Whoever thinks they can name all the firearms that make up this monstrosity AND gives the best suggestion for what would have made this statement more complete gets a pair of camo Mechanix gloves (size large). I’ll be doing the judging.

Fire away. And here are a few more photos so you can get a good look.

You can read the full story here if you like.