You guys really got creative for this one. And there was so much animosity toward the idea of a tactical pen, I was a little taken aback.

The Chuck Norris ideas were amusing, as usual. Buckhunter’s “Set the pen in front of a TV and see if it can survive 1 hour of ‘The Bachelor'” got me going.

This one from Big Country was a contender: “You could always put it in a gun case and put it on a plane. If it makes it to point B in writing condition yer good.” but was just a little too realistic.

There were plenty of ideas on how to definitely destroy the thing, like Randy Wagner’s “Put it on a track of a D-9 and leave it there for a year,” but remember, this was subject to my sense of humor.

Nixstyx definitely took enough shots at this one that something had to hit paper. This had me rolling: “Give the pen to Chad Love and watch as he slams it repeatedly to the ground while shouting that a pen cannot be tactical.” and “One man one pen. I hope it’s stronger than the jar.” but it was this one that won Nixstyx his Tuff Writer:

“Here’s a good durability test: Sent it to me, and if it keeps writing even after I mangle it in frustration while filling out endless job applications then it’d be one tough pen.”

Something about the desperate anger in that one really struck me. Plus, it explains why he had the time to submit so many ideas.

Congrats. Let us know if you manage to break it.