Today’s tip: Have a backup plan, and have a backup to your backup plan.

This morning’s Plan A was to hunt a gobbler I found earlier in the week. The season is almost over and the wildlife area I hunt has been deserted for days so I was very surprised to find the only other vehicle on 6,000 acres parked at my spot this morning. So much for Plan A.

Plan B was to sit in the woods near the exit to a field where I know birds have been strutting first thing before they wander off into the woods. Plan B might have worked if I hadn’t had to stop and change a flat tire. The time it took me to change the flat put me behind schedule and I arrived at the Plan B location exactly when the turkeys got there. I was just picking out a tree to sit under when I noticed red heads looking at me. They went scuttling away. So much for Plan B.

Plan C was to go sit and blind-call at the edge of a field near the Plan B spot. Turkeys have been passing through the field at mid-morning and sometimes strutting there.

There was no Plan D, so I figured I would stick with Plan C for the rest of the morning. Two hours and fifteen minutes after I sat down this gobbler showed up. He may have been one of the birds I spooked earlier, maybe not. I don’t care. He strutted in just the way they are supposed to with the mid-morning sun on his feathers.

This morning, Plan C was the winner.