Our popular “We (Heart) Guns” target contest is back for the third year. The idea is simple: Shoot the special target insert in the July issue–or download a PDF of the target. First shoot it with a gun. Then shoot it with a camera. Submit the photo, and a panel of judges will pick the most creative shot as the winner.

Once again Smith & Wesson has donated a rifle as the first-place prize. For 2012, S&W have outdone themselves. This is not just any rifle, it is a Performance Center-tuned M&P15 5.56 hunting rifle (pictured here) so nifty that my first thought on seeing it was: “Where’s mine?”

Since the contest rules forbid me from entering, the rifle will never be mine but it can be yours. With it, you will be the terror of coyotes, zombies, and zombie-coyotes in your neighborhood. Ammunition isn’t cheap anymore, exactly, but on the other hand, digital “film” is free, so get to shooting and click here to enter your photos.

As always we will post a gallery of the best entries here on the site as we (and by “we” I mean our New York staff, not me and Dave) ponder the winner.