Help me out here: modern techno-etiquette confuses me. Am I wrong to find it obnoxious when my phone goes off and a picture of dead turkey, a limit of geese or ducks or whatever, appears on the screen, sent by a friend who snapped it in the field? It doesn’t help that on my primitive phone, most pictures of dead animals look like blobs.

I don’t send people cell phone pictures of things I kill. It feels rude to me, although I will text or call later, or I will e-mail them a picture if they want to see it. For whatever reason a cellphone picture that comes up unannounced and without an accompanying message just feels like someone is rubbing it in. Are they? Or do they just want me to be happy about their good fortune? I never know.

So, do you send your friends pictures of dead game from the field? If so, why? Perhaps I am just not up to speed with the 21st century – it wouldn’t be the first time.