I used to have an O/U dart gun with which I sometimes shot flies in the house. It had two triggers and was lethal to flies and to larger wasps at a range of a few feet although it was only good on insects that had landed. I couldn’t shoot them out of the air. I no longer have that gun, which is just as well, because I would only get rid of it to make room for a Bug-A-Salt.

I would think with this gun you could even wingshoot flies with some practice. If the inventor succeeds, we’ll find out.

While table salt is clearly the right grain size for flies, rock salt in a shotgun was traditionally a low-tech, less-than-lethal projectile. But, how well does it work in real life? The excellent Box O’ Truth guy did our homework for us. He says at ranges over about 12 feet you get nothing.

I have never tried it. Anyone here with real world experience?