This picture of Comos the Llama getting a little face time with Peter in the Ringer blind on a failed pigeon hunt generated a ton of responses. Peter and I are undeterred by our llama-interrupted fiasco and we plan on visiting the farm again, although Peter tells me next time it’s my turn to hide in the Ringer.

Anyway, here are some captions we liked:

Peter liked this one from spuddog:

How many times have I hunted in Argentina and never had this problem? Who’da thunk?

As a sucker for a haiku, I especially enjoyed the entry submitted by Ajax2112:
A shower-like blind:
A curious llama comes;
His breath smells like poo.

Many people made “llama-as-birddog” jokes like Haverodwilltravel, who contributed: After having paid a small fortune on a “retrieving llama”, Pete came to the realization he’d been duped.

Elkslayer wins with the first and best variation on another of the popular caption themes: No I don’t remember why I thought Llama in heat scent would attract more pigeons.

Thanks to all of you for playing.


P.S. For those of you who doubted the effectiveness of the ringer blind, here is Peter hiding successfully from Comos.