Being an artist, and therefore unconcerned with vulgar commerce, and being disinclined to lead you into temptation for my name’s sake, I try to steer clear of extremely desirable, costly stuff. However, I’m compelled to do so here because I know the provenance of the following rifles, and they’re too good to pass up.

Safari Outfitters, in Salt Point, NY, has recently come into possession of four custom-made long-range hunting rifles that were commissioned by a fellow whom I know a little bit, and who is as wealthy as some of you think I am. He became interested in taking game at long distances, and had a 1,000-yard range built at which to practice.

The gunsmith who did work is named Walter Eisserer, an Austrian who came here many years ago after being trained, I believe, in Ferlach. I’ve known Walter for something over 30 years, and he is a craftsman of the first magnitude. All four of the guns are very long and very heavy. Two are built on the Champlin action, which you rarely see, but which is a first-rate piece of machinery. Two have laminated stocks, while two are made with Strike Me Blind walnut. There is a .340 Weatherby, an 8mm Remington, a .280, and a 7mm Remington Magnum.

All four are, I’m told, exceedingly accurate. And while they’re technically used guns because they’ve been fired, they’re in 100 percent condition. None of them is cheap. However, if you were looking to have something of equivalent quality built new today, you’d pay one hell of a lot more.

Niles also has (I assume he still has it.) a Browning FN High-Power .270 in near mint condition. These rifles were made on commercial Mauser and Sako actions (This is a Mauser) from 1960 to 1974, and to put it mildly, no one is making anything like this anymore. That’s why they’re selling for something like seven times the original prices. You’ll see World Peace before you seen another FN High Power in this shape. Grab it.