Whitetail Hunting photo

This was the second year on the The Gun Nuts that we answered viewer questions and it has become one of my favorite segments to do on the show. The question in the video above came from Bob, and I think the video illustrates fairly well what happens when you shoot buckshot from a rifled barrel. At very close range–a few feet–a rifled barrel gives great buckshot patterns. Years ago I had the chance to shoot a European woodcock gun that had gently rifled barrels to give open patterns in close cover.

Anyway, this year we answered questions from:

Ontario Honker: “Advantage of a Middle Bead”
7.5×55: “Teaching a Rifle Shooter not to Aim”
Bob: “What happens when you shoot buckshot through a rifled barrel?”
AJ McLure: “How do manufacturers regulate shotgun barrels?”
Deadeye Dick: “Slug vs. Ballistic Buffalo”
Hutter: “Is there really no such thing as shot string?”
M.S. Connors: “Mixed Shot Sizes”

Now, about those hats I promised: they don’t exist.

Through failure to communicate with our marketing people–who I believed to have an endless supply of hats–I learn now that our hat inventory stands at zero. I am sorry. What we do have to give away in place of hats is Cabela’s All-In-One Gun Cleaning Kit. You can’t wear them around town but they are much more useful. Those of you whose questions we used, thank you, and please email the webmaster account with your name and address.

This is also a good time to mention you can start voting for The Gun Nuts to win one or more of the Outdoor Channel’s Golden Moose Awards.

The Gun Nuts is eligible for Best Overall Series and Best Host(s) in the Fan Favorite categories. The winners of the Fan Favorite and other categories (Gun Nuts was submitted for 3 other awards) will be announced at the Golden Moose Awards in Las Vegas, during SHOT show.