Camping photo

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A while ago I received a press release from some flashlight manufacturer billing their 1,000 lumen flashlight as “the world’s brightest.” Now, my own brightest flashlight is a mere 100 lumen Surefire which already seems incredibly, unnecessarily bright to me, so I had a hard time imagining a 1,000 lumen light. My skepticism kicked in anyway “This is America,” I thought. “No way is a 1,000 lumen flashlight the most powerful we can buy.”

A quick Google search turned up the 4,100 lumen “Torch” which, as you can see in this video, lives up to its name. It comes with a rechargeable battery and has a runtime of–get this–5 to 10 minutes per battery. But it’s just the thing if you want to make s’mores on the run or set a charging grizzly on fire.