Well, the End of Days has fizzled, and if you listen carefully, you can hear Mayan ghosts saying, “A**holes, it’s a circular calendar.” In any event, there’s always hope that life as we know it will end sometime soon. Just have a good view of the proceedings, and rest assured that whatever takes over from us will do a better job than we have.

But that’s not important now. What is important is that the editors of Field & Stream have given me a new column called “Ask Petzal.” (What would you call it? “Ask Biden?”) It will consist of questions from readers and answers from me, and while it will mostly be about guns, it will range to other subjects, such as “Why are you such a curmudgeon?”

In it, I hope to show the same warmth, compassion, and empathy that I use so copiously here in cyberspace, and I will expect the same wit, literacy, and sophisticated repartee that I have received from you here. I’ve done the first column, and it’s been more exciting than watching Bodacious rearrange a bull rider’s face.

To prime the pump I’m soliciting questions for the new column from you. Write them in the comment sections below and we’ll pick out the worthiest and run them.

See you in print.