Response to the caption contest of me biting down on a Federal Prairie Storm round was outstanding.

At first, I thought I could pick a winner myself. Of course I preferred the ones that made me seem awesome and mythological, such as Duke123’s entry:
“Generations from now pheasant tell the tale of that fateful day when the three men in orange and their mighty dogs came upon them from the west. One of these more lethal than the others. He came spitting fire and chewing lead! Like a storm rolling across the prairie! A Prairie Storm!!!”

Blase110, flattered me by putting Hannibal Smith’s words in my mouth along with the shell (I was a huge A-Team fan once upon a time):
“I love it when a hunt comes together.”

I laughed hard at PuddleduckDC’s entry:
“Are you sure this is covered in the employee dental plan?” but only because the idea that I am covered by the company’s dental plan is hilarious.

Ultimately, I had to call in unbiased help. Dave Hurteau obliged. He selected a few, which included the inspired vulgarity of ARwerking:
“In about 8 hours, we can see how they pattern!”

**Finally I re-read the whole list and found one last entry from Kelly McBride (who must really want some Prairie Storm) and I’m calling it the winner:

“Stop it ! Don’t make me laugh or shot will come out my nose.”**

I did laugh out loud at that one. No shot came out my nose, though.

Here are some entries that Hurteau liked:

From Schwechel: “Sure you can tie a cherry stem in your mouth, but watch what I can do with

From Ncarl: “Hmm, yes it’s definitely Federal. Perhaps, Prairie Storm.”

From 99explorer: “Mine are wild cherry. What flavor are yours?”

From Levi Banks: “Any decent dog will fetch your birds, but Phil will even fetch the empties.”

From mre54: “Oh crap I put my beef jerky in my gun again.”

From haverodwilltravel: “Prairie Storm. Shoots Straight, tastes great.”

From haverodwilltravel: “First Phil spits the shell into the air, he shoots it causing it to
explode and break all 7 clay targets, making Tom Knapp jealous.”

From Kelly McBride: “That’s right ladies , I’m the bad boy your mothers warned you about.” and “Remember kids , always save one shell for yourself in case the pheasants have you surrounded.” and “Watch this , I can fit one in each nostril too.”

From benjaminwc: “Did ya see that shot punk? Ya. That’s right. Next bird I’m not even gonna use the gun.”

From Michael Jager: “You should see where it went in!”

From cb bob: “….And that’s how you shoot better in a minute!”