“The Blue Book of Gun Values” is the bible on used gun prices; the standard reference on what a gun in any condition is worth. It contains information and pricing on countless guns to the point that the current edition runs 2,342 pages and weighs almost four pounds. It gets to be a burden to lug a copy around a gun show.

As a remedy, Blue Book Publications took all the Colt entries last year and published them in a handy pocket guide, which is now in a second edition. There are now similar treatments for Browning/FN and Winchester guns. These pocket-sized, slim volumes run 144 pages each. They are very handy, containing everything from both companies–from the beginning to their latest 2013 offerings.

If you are smart-phone challenged (all Blue Book data can be found online, updated monthly) these will save you from carrying a whole Blue Book if you are only interested in Winchesters or Brownings. If these sell well they will be updated annually and there may be pocket guides for other major gun makers like Remington.

Of course, if you keep buying pocket guides every time one comes out you might be better off with the giant annual doorstopper volume. Otherwise you might wind looking like Groucho Marx in “A Day At The Races.”