At SHOT I stopped in the aisle in front of the Skullcandy booth to look at their display of cleverly camo-taped animal heads wearing Realtree headphones. One of the Skullcandy guys pulled me into the booth and pressed a set of Skullcandy Hesh 2 headphones* on me. It was Skullcandy’s first SHOT Show and they were excited to be there and a little overwhelmed, I think, by their sudden and total immersion into hunting and shooting culture.

But, business was good for them. That’s the odd thing about camo: You can slap it on almost anything (I had a Mossy Oak energy drink in the Mossy Oak booth) and you can then show it at SHOT as “hunting gear” and sell it in sporting good stores. People will then buy it — eagerly — even if, like headphones, it has nothing to do with actually hunting.

This has been true for a while, of course, and my favorite story came from a salesman for a licensee who made caskets in Mossy Oak Break-Up decorated with game scenes. He called at a fire station one day, as his company also sold caskets in various military, L.E. and first-responder styles.

The captain looked at the firefighter caskets in the sales brochure.

“I don’t know about these,” he said. Then his eyes fell on the Mossy Oak caskets.

“These,” he said, jabbing his finger at the picture. “I’ve got two guys inside this station who would kill themselves right now to get into one of those caskets.”

*Even better, on the flight home I was able to plug my new headphones into the armrest and watch a short documentary on gospel singer and rock and roll pioneer Sister Rosetta Tharpe (check out the guitar solo) of whom I had been totally ignorant.