One of the problems with something the size of the SHOT Show (This year’s set another record for size.) is that a great many deserving but non-glamorous items get lost in the herd. Here are two that deserve your attention and your money.


One of my greatest regrets as I shuffle off this mortal coil is that I’ve kept poor records of my hunting trips, or no records. If you’d like to end up at the end of the trail in better shape, record-wise, I suggest you get hold of Rite in the Rain’s Big Game Journal Kit. This weatherproof spiral-binder pad (and they are weatherproof, too, by God; I’ve used RiR pads for years) has listings for 35 items of information plus a blank reverse for any random intel you care to include. It’s called a Kit because the package consists of the pad, a write-anywhere pen, and an attractive ballistic nylon carrier to keep everything together. The Kit weights next to nothing, takes up very little space, and lists for $35.76. Or you can just get the pad by itself, which is $7.95.


Victorinox is one of the two principal makers of Swiss Army Knives, and the one whose stuff I prefer. Usually, I have a dozen of their knives lurking in various locations, and here is another that will probably join the pack soon. It’s called the Outdoorsman Folding Blade with Pouch, and is, as far as I can tell, the company’s first tactical knife. It’s a one-hand-opening lockblade with a stainless 4-inch blade and an excellent, highly ergonomic handle. There are no bells or whistles; it’s just a very useful, very high quality knife that can do most anything. The point, as befitting a tactical knife, is centered on the blade which makes it handy for stabbing, but it could also gut a deer with the same aplomb. With an OD or black nylon belt pouch, it’s around $80 and will be released in April.