Of all the many things we can buy covered in camo that shouldn’t be camo-ed, flashlights rank near the top of the list, along with knives. Several years ago a big game guide showed me his knife. He had dipped the handle in some kind of rubberized bright orange paint. It was easy to hold onto, he said, and easy to find when he set it down somewhere.

Which brings us to the TerraLux Lightstar 80. I used one last season and found it to be in most ways a basic, serviceable light. It’s a fairly inexpensive ($30 list, sells for less) 80 lumen LED light that runs for five hours on a pair of AA batteries. It has a rubber ring around the end so you can hold it in your mouth comfortably, and the on-off switch can even be operated with tongue pressure.

However, what makes the Lightstar 80 great is this: it comes in several colors and one of them is ORANGE. Drop this light and you can find it again, unlike the camo MiniMagLite next to it in the picture, which I actually found on a trail on a turkey hunt in Texas right where its owner had dropped it and, no doubt, searched for it in vain.

This is progress, and the TerraLUX people should be commended.