Because my kids are out of the house now, I am not as current as I used to be. Therefore I had no idea splitting Oreos was a Youtube thing. Personally, I eat Oreos whole, or, you know, twist them apart with my fingers.*

That brings us once again to Jorg Sprave of the Slingshot Channel, who has invented a pump-action Oreo splitter. And, while his pump action splitter does a terrible job of splitting Oreos if having an edible cookie at the end of the process is your goal, the pump mechanism he came up with is very clever.

Pulling the action back trips the magazine release, dropping a fresh cookie into the chamber. Jorg’s design uses gravity rather than a carrier like the ones on pump shotguns but it seems to work. I would like to see him come up some kind of spring magazine tube follower because it seems to me you could lose cookies from the magazine if you tilted the gun downward, in, say, a combat or home defense situation.

*Did people waste this much time before the Internet existed and we just didn’t know about it? Or, does the Internet, with its instantaneous access to information which should be a huge time saver, actually cause us to waste more time? Personally, I think it’s a wash. I get about the same amount done know as I did before all the distractions of the web came along.