Season IV of “The Gun Nuts” begins filming this week. That is me on the set last season, shooting trap with a camera attached to my gun using electrician’s tape. This year we will have an all-new much improved gun camera (the ShotKam) and, I hope, some other improvements to the show, which is a lot of fun to do.

Once again I will be answering viewer/reader questions that is, if you have any.

Ask me your shotgun questions. This season I’ll be picking four or five and some fabulous but as yet un-named prize will go to the people whose questions I answer.

If the question can best be answered by me shooting something, that makes for much better TV than me talking, which can be boring. I have answered questions in the past about cross-dominance, what happens when you put a 20-gauge shell in a 12-gauge barrel, if there is such a thing as shot string and many other topics of earth-shaking importance. So, please ask away, and you may be the winner of some useful shooting-related widget that web editor Dave Maccar or I can scam from some willing manufacturer.