Thanks to high winds, high water, and one sneaky hen, this was as close as I was able to bring F&S senior editor Colin Kearns to an Iowa turkey last week. The target is a Champion Re-Stick turkey target and it is a small, slick improvement to the life of a turkey hunter, which can be hard (see high water, high winds and hen, above).

Champion makes these targets in collaboration with Post-It. They are indeed large Post-It notes with a life-size turkey head pictured on the front. They also have a 10-inch circle, a 15-inch circle, and one-inch squares for pattern evaluation. I count holes in the 10-inch circle when I am looking at turkey load pattern performance, and I like to see at least 100 in the circle. The inch squares make it easy to evaluate where the center of the pattern lies when you are sighting in.

Anyway, the targets have Post-It stickum on the top and sides so you can peel them, put them on a box or a backstop, then unreel them just as easily and stick them on the back of the target pad after you shoot. That way you don’t have a whole pile of loose turkey targets to bring home with you. This is progress – not major progress, but a good thing nevertheless.

They sell for $9.49 per 25.