No, that’s not one of the Trapp family singers (that was a pun. Did you see what I did there?), it’s Kassie, a senior from the other high school that shoots at our gun club. She had to make a quick exit from the shoot Saturday to march in the local Maifest parade so she came in costume.

Kassie’s coach asked if it was okay to put her in the first squad with four of our boys so she could get to the parade route on time.

“It’s fine with me,” I said. “Some of these boys might not like it if they lose to a girl in a German dress, though.” Kassie is currently one of the top female shooters in the Iowa DNR league.

One good reason to shoot competitively is to train yourself to deal with pressure and distractions – the kind that come with having your score posted and with the knowledge that people are watching. Learning to shoot with eyes on you, I believe, makes you a better, more focused shot in the field. If you want to turn that pressure up a notch, try shooting while dressed like Heidi.

Kassie joked about her dress before we started, then, with that thought processed and out of the way, she turned her attention to shooting. She stayed calm, deliberate and almost robotic, exactly the way she does when she shoots in jeans and a t-shirt. She put up a 48×50, which is terrific shooting for a girl in the Iowa DNR league, and tied for the top score for the dual shoot.

I got a shooting lesson out of her performance and I hope everyone else there did, too.