In the last Gun Fight we had the 1911 go up against the S&W 500 and, admittedly, it wasn’t a fair fight. However, as Gun Fight Friday is still in its early stages, we don’t have a ton of guns to choose from. The more pictures we get in from readers, the better match-ups we’ll have.

That said, I think you’ll like this week’s Gun Fight. We’ve got two classic deer rifles for the woods. I already know from the comments on the previous battle of the lever actions that there’s a lot of love on this blog for the Savage 99. The rifle submitted by Leon Cox is a good one of early ’50s vintage. And, it’s chambered for the classic Savage 99 cartridge–the .300 Savage developed in 1920 to offer increased velocity over other popular .30s while still working in a short-action lever rifle.

Jon Sandbeck’s Remington 760 Gamemaster is the predecessor of the current Remington pump rifle, the 7600. The 760 was introduced in 1952 to replace the Model 141 and was made for nearly 30 years until it was redesigned into the 7600. Remington was into the “gun family” approach in the early ’50s and the 760 not only shared the action and feel of the 870 shotgun, it even shared a few common parts. It became very popular with eastern hunters, especially in Pennsylvania. This one is chambered for .30/06, always a hard cartridge to argue against.

Here’s what the owners have to say about their rifles:

Leon Cox’s Savage 99


This is my go-to deer rifle for the eastern woods. It is a Savage 99 in .300 Savage made in 1950-51. It’s a trifle on the heavy side but very accurate with hand loads, and it offers fast follow-up shots–although most deer do not need a follow-up shot.

Jon Sandbeck’s Remington 760


This is my Gamemaster 760 in .30/06 with an old-school Redfield 3×9 wide-angle scope. I am more of an upland and waterfowl guy than big game, so a shotgun always feels better in my hands than a rifle–and that’s what is so great about this pump gun. It feels like a shotgun and is very close to a Remington 870. So when I fall rolls around, and I want to pretend that I am a deer hunter, this is the right rifle for me.

There’s a lot of meat for discussion here: .300 Savage vs. .30/06. Lever vs. pump. Rotary magazine vs. detachable, and so on. Let’s hear it. And don’t forget to send photos of your guns to for future Gun Fight Fridays.