That would be me attempting to demonstrate how to shoot high geese while cameraman Tom Nichols captures it all for an episode of season 4 of The Gun Nuts TV show. The show will begin airing on the Outdoor Channel later this summer. We just wrapped shooting my parts today and I wanted to announce the reader questions answered on the show so we can send you your prizes.

And the winners are:

From Bob: ” Do fins on rifled slugs DO anything?” and “How long does it take for sabot-y parts to separate from a sabot slug?”

From Hookturnr: “What are the advantages and disadvantages of a semiauto over an O/U or sxs for sporting clays?”

From Capt. Zoom: “Is a proper sight picture necessary for shooting a shotgun?”

From Half-of-Two: ” Is there a safe number of times a hull can be reloaded?”

Excellent questions and thank you for submitting them. Your prizes will be the spiffy Cabela’s Range Bag shown below. It is a perfect size, I’m told, for packing a couple of pistols, ammo and all your associated pistol gear to the range and bringing it back with all your valuable empty brass jingling in the handy, collapsible spent-brass compartment.

Congratulations to Bob, Hookturnr, Capt. Zoom and Half-of-Two. Please email your information to and we’ll get your prizes out to you. Thanks to everyone else who submitted questions.