The things Dave and I do for you, the Gun Nuts viewers. This clip starts with me on an upcoming segment, emptying a lightweight (6 ¾ pound) semiauto loaded with 3 ½-inch 12 gauge magnum shells. I am attempting to show the futility — even stupidity — of trying to make good followup shots on flying targets with a gun/load combination that kicks like an elephant gun.

Much as I like to complain about recoil, I am pretty good at “staying in the gun” as they say. Nevertheless, we threw three easy targets in succession for this clip and while I never missed the first one, I couldn’t recover from the recoil in time to go three for three in the four or five times we tried this.

After that we have Dave shooting a Montana Rifle Company American Vantage, a dangerous game rifle chambered for some kind of cartridge designed to keep angry animals from eating or stomping you. The rifle does a good job of stomping on its own.

At any rate, the Gun Nuts are back. Season IV is comprised of eight shows from last year, then the nine new episodes we just finished will start airing on Aug. 28.

The Gun Nuts, Season IV starts on the Outdoor Channel Wednesday, July 3. The show will air Wednesdays at the following times:

7:30 p.m. (eastern)
10:30 p.m. (eastern)
2:30 a.m. (Thursday morning – eastern)