This week we’ve got guns for gunfights again–but with a “Beauty and the Beast” theme. The beauty is a stainless Colt 1911. The beast is a black tactical Mossberg 500.

Tim Flannery’s 1911


“This gun is a good reminder that not all 1911s are .45s. This one is in 38 Super,” Flannery wrote. The Colt was first chambered in .38 back in 1929. The .38 Automatic cartridge was hot stuff back in those pre-.357 magnum days and it’s still a popular IPSC round. The 1911 holds nine of them, which should be plenty. The pistol is an ELCEN series 1911, which I believe means it comes from the Colt custom shop.

Tim Walsh’s Mossberg 500


“I bought this Mossberg 500 a while back for use on-duty. My department requires me to keep a Remington 870 in the car, so this has become the firearm to reach for when my wife swears she hears someone trying to get in the house. A telescoping stock keeps the gun maneuverable indoors. Two (yes, that’s right, two) side saddles means that this gun carries 17 rounds when fully loaded. I know a lot of people prefer the 870, and I admit it has a smoother action and a better trigger, but it’s tough to beat a Mossberg for reliability. Dirty Harry can keep his hand cannon, I’ll take my Mossberg.”

Which do you prefer: A showpiece handgun loaded with nine rounds of .38 Super, or a Mossberg stuffed full of No. 4 birdshot with lots more close at hand? Me, I’d take the Colt if I knew that–like most home defense guns–it would never be fired. If I thought someone might actually break into my home, I’d want the Mossberg. Votes? Thoughts?