I looked at the calendar and realized, as it always happens this time of year, that hunting season is sneaking up on me and the endless off-season will be over soon. It’s hard to really believe that fall is coming when it’s humid and over 90 degrees out, but the calendar is clear on the fact that there are only six weeks until hunting seasons open.

It’s time to get ready, and especially time to get guns that need work off to the gunsmith. Wait too long like everyone else does and your gun may not be done when you need it. I am practicing what I preach and getting my battery readied for fall.

I got a great deal on an older Browning Gold earlier this year which I intend to use as my dove gun. It had a dent in the rib which I straightened myself, and it is currently at my local gunsmith getting its trigger lightened from a heavy 7- or 8-pound pull down to 4.

The Beretta 391 I use for waterfowl cycles sluggishly. I have tried shooting it clean, dirty, wet and dry and nothing seems to change. I replaced the action spring, which helped a little, but it is off to the Beretta experts at Cole Gun in Maine. They will find whatever small demon has possessed the gun and exorcise it in time for me to shoot September teal with it.

If you haven’t started shooting already, it’s time to do that, too. Buy a flat of target loads and shoot two rounds of skeet a week between now and Sept. 1. You’ll be surprised and pleased at how much difference that makes when the real birds start flying.