This week’s Gun Fight is between cars–armed cars. The matchup features James Bond’s Aston Martin DB5 and the Hyundai Veloster Zombie Apocalypse Survival Vehicle that debuted at this year’s Comic Con (that’s Comic Convention). Both are heavily armed, although for different purposes. One is for espionage–movie-style espionage anyway–the other for hacking through hordes of the undead on your way to the mall or the beach.

****James Bond’s Aston Martin DB5****


A classic luxury touring car, the DB5 became “the most famous car in the world” after Bond’s Q-modified version appeared in Goldfinger in 1964. The Bond version featured machine guns tucked into the headlights and a retracting bulletproof steel shield in back. It had tire-slashers, an ejector seat, and a smokescreen/oil slick generator. The license plate rotated, giving you your choice of three different plates, a feature that would come in handy in these days of traffic-light cameras.

2013 Hyundai Veloster Zombie Apocalypse Survival Vehicle


This Hyundai features a ridiculous amount of weaponry, some of it silly, some of it kind of cool. The Veloster Turbo is a three-door hatchback sport-coupe and this one has: chainsaw bumpers, a “horde plow” (my favorite accessory), and armor, including barbwire on the windows. The sunroof has been replaced with a hatch and a .50. There are two SAWs on the hood primarily for intimidation purposes because I don’t see how you shoot them unless there’s a string tied to the triggers. It also has flame-throwers on the front doors to discourage zombies and carjackers. It has spinning saw blades on the wheels, too. There is also a baseball bat with nails in the end mounted in clips on the hatchback in case you get caught by zombies, say, as you are carrying groceries to your car.

Which would you rather drive?

Back to traditional guns for a moment: We’re looking for more great photos of your guns. Actually, the photos don’t even have to be great, but they have to be in focus and show the entire gun in profile against a plain background. The floor is fine.

A picture like this works:


As for a description of the gun, tell us what it is; what you use it for; why you think it is well-suited to its purpose; why you prefer that caliber/gauge for its use and so on. If there is interesting personal or family history with the gun, include that, too.

About once a month we’re going to award prizes to the entries we select, starting with the next Gun Fight. We will be giving away copies of the Total Gun Manual until we run out, then we’ll find something else gun-related to tempt you with.

We’ll take guns in any category, but here some matchups that might be fun:
– Best plinking gun
– Best refurbished classic
– Best AR for home defense or hunting or target shooting
– Best upland bird gun
– Best handgun for hogs

And so on. The possibilities are many, but we need your gun pictures. Send them to