Today we have a Makeover Edition of Gun Fight Friday. We’re starting with two modern classics, the Ruger 10/22 and the Remington 700. Granted, they don’t have much in common except that almost everybody owns at least one of each, and there are roughly a zillion aftermarket parts available for the 10/22 and quite a few for the 700, too. You can take either one and personalize in many different ways for many purposes and that’s what the owners of these two rifles have done. Both guns have been customized to suit their owner’s taste. Edward Palumbo has gone the colorful route with his 10/22, while Tim Flannery opts for a more tactical look.

Edward J Palumbo’s 10/22


Bored with the tactical appearance of black rifles that regularly appear on the benches at the range and dominate magazine covers, I thought I’d put a little color in my life. The Tactical Solutions barrel, Power aluminum trigger, and thumbhole stock from Stocky’s Stocks have been colorful additions that make the gun a conversation piece at the rifle range. A Tasco 3-9X scope in Leupold rings and base provides the versatility for Columbia ground squirrels and other small game in Oregon. The spectrum of aftermarket products for the 10/22 is amazing.

Tim Flannery’s Remington 700


I’m just finishing up this .308 Remington 700. I haven’t shot it since I added the brake and stock, but in its original form it was shooting sub MOA with Sierra 168 Matchkings. I recently retired and am looking forward to spending time at the range. I have a suppressor on order for it from SRT. The brake is from JP Enterprises and the stock is a McMillan A-3.

Vote for whichever one strikes your fancy for whatever reason you want, and keep those gun pictures coming to