I don’t shoot centerfire rifles often, so every time I do I’m struck by how loud they are compared to shotguns and how much concussion they create. The muzzleblasts seem to flatten the grass around them. Even when I am sighting in a slug gun and people two or three lanes away are shooting ARs I can feel the noise. Why would anyone want to make a rifle louder? Beats me, but sometimes it’s best not to ask why.

Snake Hound Machine of New Hampshire, an outfit that mostly specializes in custom AKs introduces The Loudener, which does exactly what its name suggests: it makes a rifle louder. Even in the video you can sense a dramatic difference between the loudened and unloudened rifles.

While it’s hard to find a good reason for the Loudener to exist it does remind me of something my late father-in-law, a Marine who fought in Korea, told me about firefights: “All you wanted to do was make more noise than the other side. As long as you were making more noise you felt like you were winning.” The Loudener would definitely help there.