Mojo’s Pick Stick is one my favorite new products of 2013 because it addresses one of my pet peeves in the field: piles of hulls. How hard is it to clean up after yourself at the end of a hunt? There are good reasons to pick up your hulls. It will help you avoid a ticket from our local CO, who writes people up for leaving trash and empties in the dove field. It helps keep your good spots secret because some people scout duck holes by looking for hulls floating in the water. Mostly, it’s just the right thing to do.

The Pick Stick makes it easy, almost fun to police your hulls. Steel-headed hulls – which is almost all hunting loads these days — practically jump onto the Pick Stick’s powerful magnet. The stick itself has a rubber-handled grip and telescopes from 32 ½” to 55 ½”. I have one I use at the gun club. I gave one to a friend with a very bad back who looks after the range at our local WMA, a job that includes picking up mountains of empties. He doesn’t have to bend over to pick up hulls anymore and he tells me his Pick Stick works perfectly in puddles, snow and mud. Get one to keep in your blind, your boat or your decoy trailer and quit making messes in the field.

The Pick Stick’s only weakness is with real brass headed hulls like AAs, STSs and Gold Medals. Those will cling weakly by the primer to the magnet, but frankly it’s easier to bend over and pick them up. But they’re worth money because they are reloadable, and worth the effort to gather them up the old fashioned way.