Today’s gunfight is all about pig rifles. Pig rifles didn’t used to be a category–or at least not much of a category–but with pigs increasing their range every year, pig hunting is an ever-bigger deal. For a lot of people “pig rifle” means AR-15. Not for Gun Nut readers Tim Anderson and Rob. They offer us two very different alternatives to the AR in today’s gunfight: a Browning BAR, looking all Army Strong in digital camo, and a Marlin 336 modified into a brush gun (well, the 336 is already a brush gun, so it’s further modified into more of a brush gun).
Tim Anderson’s BAR**


An AR-15 is not the only option in semiauto hunting hogs and whitetail. It’s hard to beat the lightweight and ergonomic BAR in .30/06 with a Vortex 2-7×32 Viper scope. It has a 22-inch barrel and weighs just 6 pounds, 15 ounces without the scope. I think it looks cool with factory digital camo. And, there was .30/06 ammo on shelves throughout the ammo crunch.

Rob’s Marlin 336


I wanted a short compact .35 for pig hunting so I had the barrel on this 1980’s Marlin 336 cut back to 18 1/2 inches. I stoned the internals, checkered the stock, and added the scout scope setup and Ching Sling. This gun has no right to shoot factory ammo like it does.

Rob included a very impressive target photo of a three shot group of what looked like a little over an inch at 100 yards with 200-grain Remington factory ammo. The scout scope and Ching Sling make this practically the Jeff Cooper/Gunsite version of the 336. Tim’s Long Trac BAR is a restyled version of the gas semiauto big-game rifle Browning introduced back in the ’60s. It’s always had a reputation for being accurate and reliable. So there are your choices for a non-AR pig rifle. You know what to do: cast your votes, post your comments, and send your gun pictures to