Blackhawk!’s new Diversion Bags are gun cases shaped like gym bags, backpacks, messenger bags and racquet cases. The idea is that you can carry your gun to the range and back without people knowing what’s in the bag, so as, in some cases, not to offend their urban sensibilities and, in other cases, to keep people from stealing your guns. The line was originally developed for undercover law enforcement officers but now Blackhawk! (yes, it is spelled with an “!”) is marketing them to civilians.

It’s a good idea for those of us worried about our guns falling into the wrong hands. There have been a lot of times when I wished the gun cases in the back of my car didn’t look like they obviously held guns that might attract thieves. As you can see, my AR – which is long with a 20-inch barrel and a scope – just fits into the racquet bag broken down. Smaller rifles, like short M4 carbines, fit inside in one piece. Of course, I need something long for shotguns – maybe a golf bag? I like the idea of the gym bag most of all, because someone might take a racquet bag (I am reminded of the story of people who disposed of their trash during an NYC garbage strike by gift wrapping it and leaving it in their unlocked car) but who is going to break into a car to steal a bag they think contains sweaty gym clothes?