Two magnums square off in today’s gunfight: a .300 Win Mag versus a .375 H&H. While that’s normally not a totally fair fight caliber-wise, the .375’s owner admits to only using it occasionally for deer and moose hunting; nothing that can’t be done with a .300 Win Mag. Both rifles are good looking, accurate, and definitely their owners’ pet gun.

Jason Wooden’s Voere Shikar .300 Win. Mag


This is my Voere Shikar in .300 Winchester Mag. I was working my way through school about the time of the Clinton assault weapons ban when a co-worker exclaimed to me “remember when I told you my wife said she was going to leave me if I bought one more gun? Well, she caught me sneaking an AR-15 into the house last night and I promised her I was selling my .300 Win Mag in return, do you want it?”

I decided I couldn’t live without it and paid a price so low I’m embarrassed to even say, so I won’t. Let’s just say whatever loss my co-worker took on the Voere must have been cheaper than a divorce. It didn’t come with optics however. I went down to a local pawn shop and spent my last $80 on a used Tasco Pronghorn (this isn’t “optics fight Friday”, please don’t judge my rifle by its scope) thinking I’d upgrade it when I graduated and started making real money. Well, that day came and went but the scope holds zero and many a western muley and bull elk have fallen in its crosshairs since then. As such, I’ve seen little need to upgrade the optics to something more fitting of the fine piece of German machinery it sits upon.

The rifle’s action should be the standard by which “buttery smooth” is measured, and if I try hard enough I can usually get 2 out of 3 rounds touching at 100 yards with good ammo. The bathroom scale puts it at under 8 lbs. As such, she sure kicks hard but nothing that an extra slip-on recoil pad doesn’t tame. My arms are longer than average anyway. Most gun I’ve ever bought for the money, and still my pride-and-joy today.

Tom Govin’s Sako .375 H&H


This is my baby. It is a FN actioned Sako in .375 H&H with a Leupold 1.75-5 VX III on top. The synthetic stock is to save the wood. This rifle will shoot 3/4″ 3 shot groups and weighs a bit under 8 pounds. It is not a bench rest rifle. I don’t have much to use it on but it has taken a couple deer and an unnecessary follow up on a moose. Mostly it’s just fun and surprisingly not that bad off hand. Someday….

There’s your matchup: a Voere Shikar (known as the “poor man’s Weatherby” in the 70s but worth a fair bit today) or a semi-impractical .375 with a very practical synthetic stock to save the wood. Vote and comment below, and keep the gun pictures coming to