One of the interesting introductions of SHOT 2014 was the Taurus View. It has a feature unique in production firearms: a clear Lexan sideplate on one side that allows you to look inside and see the gun’s inner workings. Salesmen’s sample guns have been cutaway or clear in the past, but the feature has never been incorporated on a gun made to be used.

Properly named the Model 85VTA, the View is based on the Taurus model 85, a snubnose .38. The Lexan plate, along with a titanium frame and cylinder, help make the View one of the lightest carry guns available at just 9 ounces with a 1-inch barrel. The 5-shot revolver is chambered for .38 special and .38 +P ammunition. It is double action only, with a 10-pound trigger pull.

No doubt the news media will discover the undetectable “invisible gun” soon enough and raise an outcry, but until then, the View will remain an unusual, feather-light carry gun. It’s also available in a pink frame with the clear Lexan plate. The View (does anyone else find it odd that the gun shares the name of a TV program co-hosted by Whoopi Goldberg?) lists for $599.