Today’s Gunfight is a face-off between Continental elegance and American practicality. Some like their firearms restrained and classy, others like them plain and practical. Both of these rifles are accurate game-getters.

Fittingly, Edward Palumbo’s Mannlicher-stocked Ruger No. 1 International is chambered for the very European 7×57 Mauser, while Eric Kaneshiro’s Weatherby is chambered for the All-American .30/06. And, while on paper that may not seem like a fair fight cartridge-wise, it would be a tossup as to which of those two venerable rounds has taken more game in their long, useful lives. Here they are:

Eric Keneshiro’s Weatherby Vanguard


This is my Weatherby Vanguard S2 in .30/06. I bought it because Dave Petzal only had good things to say about it. I’ve no plans to change anything because of Total Gun Manual tip No. 13: “If all you can afford is a cheap gun, get a good cheap gun…and let it alone.” My rifle has medium-height Vanguard lightweight scope mounts by Talley and Nikon Buckmaster 3-9×40 scope with a BDC reticle. I hand-load Barnes 150gr TTSX bullets in Winchester brass, and use Hogdon H4895 powder and Federal 210 primers. It shoots sub-MOA 3-shot groups sometimes, but not every time. I’m still figuring out if it’s me, the loads, or the trade winds, but the accuracy is good enough for a couple successful hunts on Lanai island.

Edward Palumbo’s Ruger No. 1 International


This Ruger No. 1 International is chambered for the 7x57mm cartridge, and it’s my idea of a superb whitetail deer woods rifle. Contrary to the notion that a full-length stock is inherently inaccurate, this carbine-length single-shot is very accurate with Hornady 139 grain bullets. Equipped with a Leupold 4X scope, this attractively stocked rifle is a favorite.

There’s your choice: a Weatherby with an eye-catching laminated stock and spiral-fluted barrel a synthetic stock or a Ruger with classic lines. Comment and vote below. Send in your gun pictures to Any gun is welcome, although it strikes me as odd that I’ve only received one AR 15 picture so far. Send me some. Even I have an AR 15 so I know there must be a bunch out there we haven’t seen yet.