Due to the ceaseless vigilance of the folks who administer this website, a hitherto-unknown piece of World War II historical footage has been unearthed. Here’s the background:

In January 1945, after Hitler’s last-ditch offensive in the Ardennes failed, Germany faced certain defeat, and Hitler was willing to try any scheme that might stave off the inevitable. It was suggested to him that if the United States–the Arsenal of Democracy–could be disarmed, the Allied war effort might yet fail. Hitler decided to start with Connecticut, which at that time was the center of the American gun industry.

This footage was taken in Hitler’s headquarters at the Wolfsschanze, or Wolf’s Lair, in East Prussia. After the attempt on his life in 1944, Hitler ordered all staff meetings filmed, which is why this bit of history exists. It lay undiscovered in a Berlin vault until last year and both the sound and image have been restored. You may draw whatever conclusions from it you wish.