Today’s gunfight matches up two deer rifles: a bolt action versus a classic lever gun. These two don’t have much in common besides hardwood stocks, their year of birth, and the fact that neither owner had to pay much for a great rifle.

The Remington Model 722 debuted in 1948 and went out of production in 1962 to make room for the Model 700. While most 722s were plainly finished, they had a reputation as being very accurate rifles. The Marlin 336 is one of those “needs no introduction” icons. It was introduced in 1948 as an improved version of the Model 36. It’s still made to this day. The Marlin’s side-ejection makes it popular with those who want to mount a scope on a lever action.

Brad’s Marlin 336


This was my first gun, and I love it. The Browning sling and Redfield scope perfectly completed what I wanted in a gun. I always keep the stock loaded and have my Hornady LEVERevolution rounds ready to stretch a bit farther if necessary. I have shot both the Winchester Model 94 and the Marlin 336. I went with the 336 because of price, but I also really liked the Marlin’s pistol grip better for hunting.

Marty K’s Remington 722


I have an old Remington 722 chambered for Remington .244 aka 6 mm. I bought it for the boys when they started deer hunting with me 16 years ago. The gun sports an inexpensive 3×9 Bushnell scope. When I went to look at it, I thought it was a .243. Didn’t know there was such a thing as a .244. Paid $400 for it. It’s got a heavy barrel, which makes it more to carry than the Remington 700 BDL I normally shoot. I knew the .244 was often considered “too light” for big game, but I also knew it accounted for a lot of whitetails each year. I thought it would be the perfect gun for the boys. When I took the boys to the range, I found the gun was dead accurate with no recoil. It’s perfect for hunting whitetails in Kentucky. The first day the boys were hitting targets and small pumpkins at 50 to100 yards with no problem. Over the years that Remington has accounted for several deer. Each was taken down cleanly by the first bullet.

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