Thanks to reader Shawn Sipes, who sent this picture of his wonderful trio of Remington Model 14s in .25, .30, and .32 caliber. And, thanks to all of you who have offered up your guns in these last 10 months or so to make Gunfight Friday so much fun. Every week your guns and your insightful comments about them make Gunfight Friday read like a great hunting camp argument right here on this blog.

Now, Gunfight Friday needs your guns.

Like NPR and public TV, Gunfight Friday depends on contributions from readers like you. Therefore, today we’re preempting our normal Gunfight Friday programming to hold a pledge drive.

This is Pledge Week. Send us your gun pictures.

Without them, there are no Friday gunfights.

When we started this feature, I thought my biggest problem would be choosing among all the hundreds of gun pictures that would pour in. Honestly, finding good pictures of two guns to match up against one another has been tough some weeks, and my inventory of unused guns is running low. I’ve got a few good ones left, but I need lots more for this feature to continue.

Send me your gun pictures. I need a sharp profile picture of the whole gun, and four or five lines about it and why you like it and what you use it for. Send me anything, I’ll find a gun to match it up against. The only prize I have to offer is more gunfights, but I hope all of you like them as much as I do.

Send them to so that Gunfight Friday can continue.