There are unique guns, there are really unique guns and then there are “what-the-hell!?” guns. Guess which category this one falls into (hat tip to the Suburban Bushwacker for the find).

A RARE 4mm PINFIRE SIX-SHOT RING PISTOL, MODEL ‘LE PETIT PROTECTOR’, circa 1865, comprising of a small hand-rotated blued cylinder attached to a nickel-silver ring, the ring engraved with ‘LE PETIT PROTECTOR’ around the circumference together with two bands of floral engraving, concealed, manually cocked hammer and trigger, the whole in fine condition retaining nearly all its original finish TOGETHER WITH a flip-top jewellery-style blue leatherette covered box, an inlaid white metal plaque to the top of the lid engraved ‘LE PETIT PROTECTOR’, the inside lined in off-white satin and maroon velvet, compartmented in the continental style with locations for the pistol, six rounds of ammunition (missing), and a small blued turn-screw. Estimate £2,000-3,000

Imagine that: finger bling that goes finger blam. It’s very cool piece of steampunkish design art, but unless I was being charged by a crazed rodent I wouldn’t stake my life on the “Le Petit Protector.”