In the April 2011 magazine feature “The New Classics: 30 Great Baits,” I wrote about the growing trend of custom lure painting. A few notable painters are earning quite the reps for putting their spin on proven baits, producing custom patterns for bass pros and weekend warriors alike. So I asked the Rat-L-Trap folks for a bunch of blank lures we could send to five top painters for their creative touch. Dwain Batey of Bait Werks painted the ‘Trap below, and this one-of-a-kind can be yours.


All you have to do is head over to Field & Stream‘s Facebook page and come up with a name for this lure’s color/pattern. The best name submitted before midnight on Sunday, April 3rd wins this custom ‘Trap. Now you could fish it and probably wreck havoc on your local largemouth and smallmouth population. But you might also consider a shadow-box frame and place on the wall.

We’re going to be giving away more of the custom-painted Rat-L-Traps featured in the magazine every Friday on Facebook. But remember, names submitted on this blog do not count. You have to enter on our Facebook page.