Pictured below is my 13-foot Fish Cat pontoon boat set against the majestic skyline of downtown Trenton, New Jersey. I took this photo at the pull-out after the last smallmouth float of 2010. I only acquired this boat last spring, and we really just spent our first season getting to know each other. We’ve already caught lots of fish, but this year I’m pushing the limits of this vessel. Thing is, I’m a firm believer that a boat needs a name for maximum success. That’s where you come in.


Here’s the deal: You supply as many names for my rig as you want, I’ll announce my favorite on Tuesday, April 12th, and if I pick your name you win a brand-new William Joseph Exxodus Vest Back (tippet and tools not included) worth $160. Then it’s up to me to grab a Sharpie and ink the new name on the vinyl.


In case it helps, know that this boat is primarily a trout and smallmouth hunter. Also, while she may take an occasional dip in still water, I bought this boat to enhance my river fishing abilities. Otherwise, I’ll consider all names. They could be funny, clever, fishy, based on something from your favorite movie or book or the name of your grandma’s dog. Nothing is out of bounds, but if you think the name needs some explanation, please explain it. I’m happy to do a few Net searches to learn the back story of your entry if you tell me it was the pet name of Cole Trickle’s car in “Days of Thunder.”

Can’t wait to see what you come up with.