When you think of “classic lures,” the Zara Spook, Mr. Twister Grub, Original Rapala, and Dardevle often come to mind. Such lures have already earned their place in fishing history. But new lures pop up often. Likewise, there are lures deserving of the title that have been around a while and haven’t yet been labeled “classics.” Which newer or overlooked lures do you think we’ll hold in the highest regard 20, 30, or 50 years from now? It is a question I recently had to answer.


For the April issue of Field & Stream, I was tasked with picking the 30 lures destined to become the next-generation classics. It wasn’t easy and required much thought and adding and subtracting before the final 30 were selected. I’m confident in my justification of each one. Click here for a sneak peek at my choices, and tell me if you agree. Did I miss a newer lure that you think will stand the test of time?

And if you want to compare notes with John Merwin’s original gallery of the “Best Lures of All Time” from 2006, click here.