Well, happy spring. Finally, right? For many of us it’s been a harsh winter, and though it may still be lingering in some areas, things are looking up. It’s about this time of year I begin to organzine my gear in the order of what comes first in my spring season. As an example, the Sebile Magic Swimmer and Storm Kickin’ Stick in the photo are hanging from the “on deck” nail in the garage. I already know that one of those will likely be the first lure I cast this spring. As I type this, striped bass are migrating up the Delaware River and staging to spawn literally right up the street. I’m sure there are a few in my spots already. Heck, I might even try it tonight, and those are the lures that kill.

Early-season river stripers come first for me. By the third week of April, I’ll have switched over almost entirely to trout. As April presses on, the local smallmouth will move to the banks to spawn and I’ll be there to throw a motoroil tube at them. By the time that’s winding down, the saltwater stripers should be crushing bunker along the beaches, and that will carry me into early summer.

Anglers love to plot and scheme all winter long, and we all have that first spring fling that wakes up our season. So what’s yours? What’s the order of your local spring fisheries?