Bass Fishing photo

I was checking out Google News for the latest goings-on in the fishing world and noticed articles citing that many states have their free fishing days scheduled within the next few weeks. Most states offer free fishing days here and there throughout the spring and summer, inviting the public to come cast a line without needing a license. Sometimes only certain bodies of water have free fishing days, but regardless of how a state operates their program, it’s a great opportunity for anglers. Question is, have you ever cashed in on a free fishing day?


I almost hate to admit it, but I have not. Every year I tell myself I’ll either invite a non-angler to fish locally or try to coordinate a trip out of state during free days. It just seems that they slip by and I forget, or can’t make my schedule jive with them. So I’m making the commitment here, publicly, to utilize these days this year. No excuses. It’s too good of an opportunity to turn someone onto the sport.

I’m curious as to whether any of you have ever used a free day, either to take the kids out or try a piece of water across state lines. If you haven’t and want to find out when your state or neighboring states offer free days, click here for a PDF from listing all the dates across the country