Saltwater Fishing photo

I consider myself a pretty big horror movie fan. And I’ll admit that sometimes I’m in the mood for one of those 80s B-movies that look like they were shot on a Betamax camera and feature some of the worst acting and story lines ever. I’ve seen a bunch, but “Blood Hook” is not one of them.

I have to give props to Dr. Todd Larson for finding and posting this story about the Wisconsin Film Festival on his Fishing For History Blog. Apparently the festival included a grindhouse horror night and “Blood Hook” was one of the features. Film reviewer Andy Downing wrote:

“The killer casually knocked people off one-by-one using solely his fishing tackle, like Jason Voorhees recast as an angler. This led to plenty of stomach churning shots of a red-and-white, football-sized lure being lodged in exposed abdomens, throats and arms.

I’m seriously considering buying a used VHS copy off Amazon. I can just tell by the trailer below that this movie is beyond terrible, but I have so many questions. If the lure is the size of a football, what length/weight rod does one use to cast it? At what poundage do you set your drag to stop a panicked camp counselor running in the opposite direction?

Now don’t everyone run to the video store or log on to Netflix at once.