The fellas over at have been posting their picks for the 20 most influential bass lures of all time, and on Monday they unveiled numero uno. I won’t give you all 20 of their choices, but the top five are the Original Rapala Floater, Creme Wiggle Worm, Arkie Jig, Rat-L-Trap and Zorro Baits Aggravator. Can you guess which one earned the number one spot on their list?

If you said the Creme Wiggle Worm, you would be correct. Now while a Rapala Floater is still a Rapala Floater and a Rat-L-Trap is still a Rat-L-Trap in terms of design, there are arguably a lot better worms on the market these days than the Creme. However, none of them might have existed without Nick and Cosma Creme, who started making worms by melting the plastic on their kitchen stove in 1949. From the Wired2Fish post:

The Creme Wiggle Worm started the entire soft plastic sub section of the fishing tackle industry and its impact was immediate. The first packs were five worms to a card for $1 and they were sold by mail.

When they showed the product at the Cleveland Sportsmen’s Show in 1951, the distributor sold 9,600 packs in just a few days and the boom for soft plastics had begun.

Given that we’re talking about influential bass lures–not those that necessarily catch the most bass–I would agree with Wired2Fish’s choice. Without Creme, there is a chance I wouldn’t have a tackle bag full of creatures, lizards, shads, and tubes. But maybe you think another lure deserves the title. Anyone want to make a case for the Hula Popper or Jitterbug or Senko?