Without question, 410 comments is the most I’ve ever gotten for a blog contest here on the Honest Angler. That’s how many of you responded when I asked you to name my float boat for a chance to win a William Joseph Exodus Vest Pack. That’s a lot of boat names to sift through, and they ranged from serious, to funny, to just bizarre…like Desiree’s Baby, submitted by Creek Chub. But in the end, I picked one that fit in a few different ways. And that name is…


Patchwork, submitted by Fishermanmb55. On a comical level, Patchwork is pretty fitting for a rubber boat. And after just one season, I’ve already smeared some sealant on a few spots that rubbed one too many rocks. I’m pretty sure this was the angle Fishermanmb55 was playing up, but I see more in the name.

I’m also thinking about fly patches, and how starting this month I’ll be plucking poppers and buggers off the foam fly patch that mounts to the back of the caster’s seat, looking for smallmouths in eddies and on rocky flats.

Finally, I mentioned the name to a good fishing buddy of mine, and he said Patchwork can also refer to the idea of piecing together the long list of rivers this boat will float over the years. I dig that. So Fishermanmb55, thanks for a cool name, and watch your mailbox for your prize. I’m sure you are wondering which other names ranked highly. Here they are:

Row V. Wade – Very clever, but too political.

Hissss – Loved it, but thought it might bring bad mojo.

Rubber Maid – If I had the talent to paint a pin-up girl on the boat, I may have gone for this one.

Spam Filter – Submitted as a joke, but I considered it. After all, I’m a blogger and a spam filter weeds out BS, which is what you fish to avoid.

Flow Rider – Cool, but sounded too hip-hop and I’m not much into rap music.

Thanks again to all of you that submitted!