Last weekend while doing in some yard work, I noticed that the inchworms are out in full force. I was excited by this observation because I thoroughly enjoy fishing inchworm flies for trout this time of year. Now I read a lot of flyfishing magazines and websites and I must say that I’m not sure anyone else is really turned on by inchworms. I can’t remember the last time I saw inchworm flies get a nod in the media.


It kind of baffles me, because I’ve been in situations this time of year when trout were rising to this, that, or the other thing and no matter how tuned in they seemed to be, I could catch them on an inchworm. Even when there is no sign of a rise, if you land an inchworm under some low-hanging brush, it’ll probably get whacked. What I also like about these flies in stocker streams is that they’re bright green, so if you sink and swing one, the fresh truck trout go mad. It probably looks like a hunk of Power Bait…there, I said it.

I often wonder if there is some stigma attached to them that I’m missing. I love a San Juan worm, too, but I know some gents that scoff at the idea of imitating a garden worm with a fly. But at least I can argue that fishing an inchworm in the spring is matching a legit hatch of sorts. Everyone gets all jazzed about green drakes, Hendricksons, and sulphurs, but while they’re hatching, inchworms are falling. Still, at least in my area, shops that carry inchworm flies are few and far between. I am the only guy that loves them?